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By DEBRA FLINT- At first glance The Greatest Showman may not seem like much, but a message of acceptance is clear. The movie brings forth actors that don’t usually get a lot of screen time. The cast is both physically and racially diverse making it different from a lot of other movies.

The Greatest Showman is about the P.T Barnum “circus.” Hugh Jackman plays the ringleader who faces many struggles from the beginning until he plans out the show. He goes out in search of unique individuals to be in his show. Freshman Kaitlyn Marshall commented on the premise of the movie by stating, “The film showed it’s viewers to never give up on a dream, no matter how much work it takes, or how much you may be criticized for it.”

The film also brings other important issues to the surface. Not many films highlight how class and race differences can put a strain on people’s’ relationships as shown through the characters of Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) and Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron). Marshall also said, “This[movie] can be an inspiration for many young and even older views of many types of backgrounds by including characters with different personalities, looks, and ethnic backgrounds.” Freshman Connor Wissinger agreed with Marshall in saying, “The inclusion of different races and people made the movie.”

Since the movie was set back in the 1800s, interclass and interracial mingling was frowned upon, making Wheeler and Carlyle’s relationship taboo. There was also the fact that Barnum made sure to include people of all kinds including, but not limited to, a Bearded Lady, “Tattoo Man,” Dog Boy, “The Albino Woman,” and Siamese Twins. Freshman Dustin Miller adds “I really think it makes people acknowledge how the same we really are.”

Music also played a huge role in the diversity aspect. With songs like “This is Me” by Kesha and “Rewrite the Stars” by Zendaya, all parts of diversity are included. The song “This is Me” became a mantra for a lot of the characters when they were looked down upon. “Rewrite the Stars” is a duet between Anne and Philip who were singing about their forbidden relationship.

All in all, diversity is one of the main aspects of the award-winning movie. Including and embracing the differences among people make The Greatest Showman stand out from the rest.

The Greatest Showman

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