Indiana Area Senior High School

By PARKER KOONS Annually, singers from Indiana Senior High gather with singers from other schools in the district to participate in District 3 Chorus.

This year, district chorus was held at DuBois Senior High School from January 25-27.  The participants from Indiana this year were seniors Elijah Satchell, Jill Black, and Tim Sexton; juniors Nick Skalican and Kaitlyn Stossel, and sophomores Owen Morris, Connor McQuaide, Lily Boulard, Nathan Birch, and Amanda Iandiorio.

The pieces that were performed this year were “Homeward Bound,” “Puisque tout Passe,” “Tres Cantos Nativos” with a solo performed by Sexton, “Bonse Aba,” “Girls Garden,” “T’filah,” “Of Crows and Clusters,” “There are No Mirrors in My Nana’s House,” and “Soon-ah Will Be Done.”

Sexton was given the opportunity to attend districts and also was selected for a solo in the song “Tres Cantos Nativos.”  Sexton remarked, “Going to District Chorus was an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the music world and how to improve upon their current skills.  I found that I myself had improved greatly within districts, and am pushing myself to do better in preparation for regionals.”

Sophomore Owen Morris also attended the festival stating, “I believe the concert was my favorite part of the process because the stress of the auditions was over and all the music came together.” Morris will be moving on to Regionals as well as singers Sexton, Satchell, Skalican, Stossel, Boulard, Birch, and Iandiorio.

PMEA District 3 Regional Chorus will be held at McDowell High School from March 1-3.

Sydney Shearer, a senior, was in attendance at the concert and seemed very happy with the way it went commenting, “I enjoyed seeing and hearing all of my friends sing as a part of District Chorus, the songs were all phenomenal and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun!” 

Mr. Scott Salser, resident choral director at IHS, also decided to surprise a colleague from 1978 Regional chorus by having all the men attending from Indiana sing the piece “Happy Together,” which both Salser and his colleague performed at the same festival 40 years ago.


[Photo by High Arrow]

Photo Caption: “Shenanigans occur at District Chorus with students all carrying one higher to retrieve a foam ball from the ceiling.”


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