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By EMMA NORMAN – On January 21, men and women gathered in the small town of Indiana to address issues that are continuously growing throughout the country. The agenda for the 2018 Women’s March was Power To The Polls. The main goal for this year’s march was to register women to vote and encourage more women to run for public office.

After marching down Philadelphia Street, the people of Indiana assembled together to listen to the multiple speeches given by local Democrats and County Commissioner Sherene Hess.

Students of IHS who attended the march felt that it was a well put together event that discussed relative issues in a proper manner. Junior Tian Schiera stated, “I think the main ideas were well covered. The speakers addressed several pertinent issues, with a major focus being on politics. Although I am not discounting politics, I would have liked to have seen more discussion of intersectional feminism, as well as more inclusion of transgender women, LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community members, and minorities.”

Many students here at IHS feel strongly about some of the issues discussed at the march. These issues include the continuous wage gap between genders, poverty statistics, violence against women, abortion rights (women’s right to choose), lack of representation of women in political positions, and lack of affordable health insurance.

Junior Talia Mastalski commented, “It’s absurd that in 2018, we are still fighting for these types of issues. Unfair treatment and the wage gap are still plaguing women across the globe. I hope these marches can inspire young women everywhere that they have a voice and a message that deserves to be heard. We know minds are hard to change, but these marches hopefully provide great stepping stones to gender equality.”

All in all, the town of Indiana is pleased with the outcome of this year’s event. Mastalski also said, “The women’s march was a very good experience and very enlightening. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many men and women from Indiana alone show up to support the movement. I found it inspiring to see people from all genders, all races, all ages, all walks of life, come together to support the equality of women.”

Students of IHS, and the town as a whole are hopeful that the country is able to move forward and acknowledge the rights that women feel they deserve.


[Photo by Cian Williamson-Rea]

Photo Caption: “Local Democrat Ann Rea informs the town of ways to move forward with the movement.”


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