Indiana Area Senior High School

By KOREY FERRINGER- Every year the Commons Cafe opens for students to buy coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. The Cafe opens at 8:10 and closes at 9:55 so its open for four periods in the morning, and then re-opens from 12:20 to 2:00 pm in the afternoon. This way students can get coffee during their morning periods as well as during their afternoon periods. 

However, most students would like for the Cafe should be open during lunches and before the morning bell rings as well. School rules for when the Cafe can be open are unfortunately limited

With October now firmly rooted, students can anticipate seeing beverages such as pumpkin spice and other seasonal flavors.

Students like the Commons Cafe for many reasons. Senior Nick Shaffer stated. “I like that it’s in the senior cafe, it makes it easily accessible.” Location is just one of the many reasons students like to buy from the Cafe. The Cafe also has special days when they drop the prices of some of the drinks. On certain days, the Cafe drops the price by fifty cents. Which means a normal large coffee is only $2.00

Many students love to buy coffee for the hard Monday mornings, while others just want to enjoy a nice hot chocolate. Senior Braedon Rearick explains, “My favorite drink at the Commons Cafe would be their hot chocolate.” With the Cafe’s fair prices and easy hours, students can get their beverages during almost any time of the day.

Since most students have study halls during second period, this seems to be a popular time to grab a drink at the Cafe. Freshman Kahriya Whittington prefers this time commenting,  “I go before gym, so second period is a good time for me.” 

The Commons Cafe is operated by the Life Skills teachers, aides, and students and has become very successful and popular among the students, helping them to get through their day by providing both cool and hot beverages..

[Photo by Korey Ferringer]

Photo Caption: “The Seniors baristas Dante Adamson and Destiny Salyers of the Commons Cafe preparing a drink for a customer.”


Korey Ferringer

Korey is a sophomore and is in his second year on the staff. Korey is most concerned that everything in The High Arrow is truthful and to the point.