Indiana Area Senior High School

By KIARA DONOFRIO– Seniors who play sports at the Indiana Area Senior High School get the opportunity to participate in senior salute ceremonies.  This tradition is where family members of the students walk them down the field and take a moment to recognize all the hard work and time the student has put in for many years. As the very last year of high school is right around the corner, senior salute is a way of saying goodbye to the twelfth graders and wishing them the best of luck.

Requirements had to be met in order for this event to happen due to the ongoing pandemic. Senior Cameron Albert stated, “Because of COVID-19 we had to follow specific regulations in order to be able to have the senior salute. We had to stay socially distanced and wear our masks over our mouths and noses.”

It is important to follow the guidelines to students, families, and staff’s safety and health.

Senior salute is a special time in high school because the student has been waiting years for it to occur. Senior, Olivia Kuzneski says, “ I would consider senior salute a major highlight during my school year. I played lacrosse for many years leading up to this moment. This is an unforgettable experience that will follow me throughout my life.”

Not only can the student be walked out by their parents/ guardians, but family members have this opportunity as well.  Senior, Gracie Agnello exclaims, “Having my brothers walk me out was probably the most memorable part because they’ve been there for me through everything and actually got me into lacrosse.

As the graduating class of 2021 faced many challenges and differences with COVID- 19, participating in senior salute was not one of them. Some students and staff may never see each other again as they move on to the next chapter in their lives and walk in their own paths. 

[Photo courtesy of IHS Girl’s Lacrosse]

Photo Caption: “Olivia Kuzneski, Teagan Merriman, Sara Kane, Sydney Brice, Cameron Albert, Gracie Agnello, Taylor Weaver, Fima Sissoko, and Giavonna Spadafora get together after senior salute in recognition of their many lacrosse days together.

Kiara Donofrio


Kiara is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow.  She enjoys volunteering for Key Club and SGA.  She is excited to write articles and to be a part of the staff.