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By MAGGIE MEDVETZ – Mom jeans flooding store windows, Converse walking down the streets, and edgy eye makeup making a statement; sounds familiar?  These pre-2000’s styles are all coming back full force thanks to popular quarantine shows like Outer Banks, Euphoria, and Stranger Things.

With quarantine binging of shows such as Euphoria and Outer Banks, students’ styles of clothing and makeup have shifted from where they were left last March.  

“I think binging has been a huge influence on style,” explained sophomore Lee Rosenberger. “I’ve already seen huge increases in fashion with people I would have never expected.  Having all that time to watch shows and even do a ton of online shopping has really allowed people to upgrade their wardrobes.”

Rosenberger also stated, “I see people all the time wearing shirts for their favorite movies or TV shows.  I know I personally have a whole collection of clothes dedicated to The Office.  I think students in our school just like to be wearing whatever’s ‘cool.’”

Junior Mackenzie McGee also touched on this subject by noting that,  “Quarantine has impacted people’s style in a good way because with the time away from school, many people dressed for themselves without seeking society’s approval.”  

Students throughout school and social media have recreated looks from these shows in countless ways and have been able to express their personal styles while doing so.

Referencing a specific example of this TV show to student style relationship, McGee also observed that “When Outer Banks came out, a lot of people started to have a similar style as the characters.  For instance, people dressed like John B with a buttoned-down shirt and a bandana.”

Not only have students seen changes in style at school and on social media, but they have also noticed alterations in their own clothing and makeup preferences.  

Senior Gracie Porter articulated, “A lot of my clothes and makeup have come from different popular shows like All American and social media such as Tik Tok.”  

In addition to this, Rosenberger mentioned that “Outer Banks definitely influenced my quarantine style a ton.  I have too many tropical button-down shirts now.”

As the school year starts to transition from summer to fall, this change of seasons will likely bring about another round of different styles among students.  While mom jeans and retro-inspired clothing may be a staple throughout the year, some things are still apt to change.

“I would love to see more Euphoria makeup, hair, and clothing.  The style from the show had such a unique way of expressing everyone and I think it would be so cool to see it more everyday,” concluded Porter.

[Photo by Maggie Medvetz]

Photo Caption:  “Seniors Sarah Love (top left), Lilly Nath (top right), Gracie Porter (bottom left), and Olivia Peters (bottom right) show off their Stranger Things and Outer Banks inspired outfits.”


Maggie Medvetz


Maggie is a senior and first-year reporter for the High Arrow.  She enjoys playing tennis for the high school and being part of the IHS dance team.  She is excited to start reporting for the High Arrow.