Indiana Area Senior High School

By ABAGAIL EVERETT – While winter wind lingers in Indiana after the holidays, many students will find themselves at a loss for activities. Uptown becomes dull after the festivities of Christmas passes. Decorations are taken down and the needles from pine trees are swept away.

Nonetheless, students find ways to entertain themselves during the stretch between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Freshman Hannah Short said, “I don’t really like winter. It feels like the same day repeating over and over again. Nothing happens uptown and there’s hardly anything to do. I usually just listen to music and hang out with my friends. I take the dead of winter as a time to recover from the previous year and prepare for the upcoming one.”

Some students find the agony of post-holiday winter to be bearable – and sometimes even their favorite time of the year.

Sophomore Kate Metzger said, “Indiana is pretty awesome in the winter, especially during Light Up Night. After the holidays, the excitement dies down. There’s not much left to do but eat and nap, but I still find things to do around town to keep myself active and amused.”

Among other things, students can find amusement in town by going out to eat with friends or family, peeking in antique shops, looking at local artwork in The Artist’s Hand while sipping a chai latte, playing chess with a friend in Café Amadeus, or taking a stroll with a pet.

Junior Jordan Smith said, “I hate how cold it gets because the roads start to suck and you need a coat and the days get really boring. I like to go uptown and get wings with my guy friends on Thursdays. Winter is awful. I’d honestly rather eat a lot of food, bulk up, and then hibernate for the winter.”

While students have different points of view on how to handle winter, they can all agree that this stretch does eventually end, and excitement is once again restored to Indiana.


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