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By MAGGIE MEDVETZ – COVID-19, online classes, various trials, and tribulations; IHS students have been through the wringer this year.  Art classes, however, have helped students find some peace and relaxation through this uncertain school year.

Just a few turns down from the upper commons, art classes offered at the high school, both 3D and 2D, have provided students with some much-needed relief from their other classes and stressors.  With the stroke of a brush or the molding of clay, art students are finding a sense of zen in their creative and kinesthetic studies.

“Art has helped me to destress and take a moment to relax during these chaotic times at school,” notes senior Lilly Nath.  “I really enjoy getting to express myself in different ways in the art room.”

“Art class has helped me this year greatly as a way for me to relax (somewhat) and learn to think out of the box,” agreed junior Trista Newman.  “Even though art does take a lot of time to do, it is relaxing in the moment.  Art, in general, seems to be relaxing for me, and I receive great satisfaction when something I’ve worked really hard on looks really good in the finished composition.”

Students love how they are able to not only use their own creativity to compose different pieces but to see how others utilize their talents and improve upon them throughout the course of the year.  And although separated, students are still able to see one another’s work in the art rooms and in the display cases outside the upper commons.

“The thing I love most about being in art classes is having a place to let out my creative sides and seeing everyone’s final compositions,” voiced junior Hailey Lupinetti.

“I love how we can express ourselves in different ways in art and not everyone’s will be the same every time,” stated Nath, adding to this idea.

Whilst the hybrid model does have its limitations for art students, it also has its advantages.  For example, students are being given more time to work on projects and many have turned in more projects than in prior years.

“I have turned in more projects this year mostly because longer projects we used to do couldn’t be done due to covid,” continued Lupinetti.  “Some projects, such as acrylic paintings, require everyone to share materials so we had to add other smaller projects to make up for not being able to do that one.”

Stirring creativity in many students’ minds, the art department continues to spark interest and imaginative qualities among the students who participate in it.

“I love the creativity that art evokes in me.  Each project has a different objective in mind, and it’s a lot of fun creating new ideas and images that adhere to that project’s theme,” concluded Newman.

Whether it’s to check out all of the opportunities that the art department provides students or to simply listen to some Disney or Hosier beats, students should consider looking deeper into the art department to get a sense of the relaxation that it can bring students.

[Photo by Allie Rutledge]

Photo caption: “Senior Allie Rutledge works on her pottery project in art class.”

Maggie Medvetz


Maggie is a senior and first-year reporter for the High Arrow.  She enjoys playing tennis for the high school and being part of the IHS dance team.  She is excited to start reporting for the High Arrow.