Indiana Area Senior High School

By SYLVIA GALENO- Positivity can be found in many things and places. So why not here at IHS? Art students are starting a positivity wall to put smiles and brighten the students at IHS days. Located in front of the art rooms, this positivity wall has already made its mark by participating in Spirit Week, with students drawing and writing  quotes to show that everyone can have some school spirit.

The positivity wall is supposed to make one feel noticed and included.  It’s an outlet to allow students to bring affirmations and feel encouraged to share a little positivity. A simple “hi” or smile can do the job.

Senior Deanne Branan, hopes that the students that walk by the wall get a happy and positive attitude to carry with them throughout each day. “The happiness that this wall will bring to others and how others will feel included or noticed. To just overall put a smile on one’s face.”

The goal of these students is create a way to bring a good energy and school spirit.  Junior Courtnay Leydic believes, “The positivity wall is a good addition to our school because everyone needs a little more positivity in their lives. The positivity wall is a way to help spread kindness and produce a positive environment.”

The positivity wall is a good thing for IHS because it’s gotten students to work together for a common goal to bring positivity and good vibes.

For some, this may be the only positive thing they see that day. School can be the cause of stress at times, so having something to remind oneself to stay positive and to cheer one’s spirits up is a great addition to the school. Junior Paige Sweeney states, “The positivity wall means something to me personally because I know what it’s like to just need something to cheer you up during a rough day, especially at school. ”

This is a great way to start the day.  These students are working to make a difference and bring something new to the school. This is a start to create an environment where students feel happy vibes they can carry through their day and rub it off to someone else, a butterfly effect, where one smiles or even says hi and passes that positivity to another.

Stop and take a look at the work art students have created which is located in front of the art rooms.  


[Photo by Sylvia Galeno]

Photo Caption:  “The positivity wall, located in front of the art rooms, features positive quotes and images.”



Sylvia Galeno

Sylvia is a junior and a first year reporter for the High Arrow.  Her goal in journalism is to bring something new and fresh to the publication with her creativity.