Indiana Area Senior High School

IHS welcomes new exchange students for the 2022-2023 school year

By SKY STEVENS IHS once again welcomes exchange students from various parts of the world. At IHS this year are Sona Greqova from Slovakia, Giuseppe Radosta, Dauide Bucciarelli, Alice Silvestri from Italy, and Julio Minquez Saoner coming from Spain. They have joined us here at IHS with their host families with aspirations of getting a […]

Marching Band returns: Behind the music you dance to at every game

By EMMA SHEERAN When the football team runs onto the field, what do they run to? When the cheerleaders cheer, what do they cheer to? Who is behind the music you hear at every game, and why are they important? As the IHS Football Team returns, so does the Marching Band. The band is back […]

Cross Country up and running under new management

By WILL BERZONSKY With a new coach leading the school’s cross-country program, the running community is on the edge of their seats waiting to see how the new approach to training will pay off. As of right now, it seems that major success is on the horizon for the team.  Last year’s track season ended […]