Indiana Area Senior High School

Staff Shortage Affecting the Normal School Procedure

By ELLA MOSCO The 2021 school year has had limited staff members in the building due to COVID-19. After our winter break, there was an outbreak of COVID-19. This caused many staff members to be out of the building for long periods of time. When many teachers are out it is difficult to find substitutes […]

Is Quarantining Affecting IHS Sports?

By Addison Mosco This year, quarantining has been a big issue. When you are exposed to COVID-19  you are not allowed to attend your sports practice. That has been affecting some of the sports teams and their games outcomes.    Not being able to play and practice gets you out of shape for your sport […]

Snow Day or Remote Day?

By Nick Drahnak With the heavy snowfall and adverse weather conditions of January, the faculty, staff, and teachers have lucked out with a few snow days.  This was not only exciting but also very beneficial to some students.  The snow day just so happened to be on the week that the first semester and second […]

Winter fun is starting to flurry

By Meghan Rummel When the ground is covered, students at IHS bundle up and take full advantage of the snow. Junior Alivia Marsh says that her “favorite thing to do in the snow is building igloos. I have a tool that forms blocks out of snow to create the base for the igloo, and once […]