Snow Day or Remote Day?

By Nick Drahnak

With the heavy snowfall and adverse weather conditions of January, the faculty, staff, and teachers have lucked out with a few snow days.  This was not only exciting but also very beneficial to some students.  The snow day just so happened to be on the week that the first semester and second grading quarter were coming to an end.  Students had things due the next day and others were very behind,  The snow day allowed these students to get caught up.  Not only that but it also extended the end of the quarter and semester to one day in advance, the following Monday.  Many students were able to pass their classes because of that.  Students who were already caught up with all of their work could simply relax and enjoy one extra day off. 

Personally as a student myself at IHS, I stand very neutral on the issue of this topic while at the same time holding my own opinions about the issue.  If school was canceled, students who were behind would have an entire extra day to get caught up.  Those who were busy the following night could sleep in and have more time to get homework completed they did not have the time to do.  However, the trade-off to that is a day off of spring break.  And if we were online, teachers could still get their lessons in.  Nobody would fall too far behind.  And we would not have to worry about making that day up.

Photo by Nick Drahnak

When asked about what they would rather have, every student has just about the same answer.


Senior Yahya Farag said “Online.  It still counts and we can save days from break.”  This would definitely be worth it if you are a student or teacher who is looking for a full break in the spring.  Junior Joshua Scanlan told me “I’d prefer online.”  Online would definitely be more to the advantage of strivings students and teachers wanting to keep up with the interest of time.  And Senior Matt Bass told me “I would rather have a snow day.  But it would make sense for us to go online.”  


So the popular opinion appears to be an online day.  But regardless of IHS students’ feelings and opinions regarding the question of “Snow day or Remote Day?”, certainly either would have it’s pros and cons.

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