Indiana Area Senior High School


By ROCCO FANELLA – Winter track and spring track are both vastly different and similar in a variety of ways. Competition, motivation, and team bonding is always there with the whole track scene, but what differentiates winter track from spring track is that it’s inside, and in a generally warm environment.

Being a varsity sport, doing well can earn runners a letter. Most people who do winter track are in for the extra practice, and preparation for the spring track season.

Junior Sam Oskey said, “A chance to improve my times for the spring track season is what I’m looking forward to most. My favorite part is the relays, having a bunch of people work together to achieve a title.”

Last year the boys Distance Medley Relay (DMR) smashed the previous record time by several seconds. Others are more in for the personal gain of winter track, like junior Dylan Latore, “I am excited for PRing and getting prepared for spring track.”

Some students go out for winter track to see if they are fit for spring track like Junior Kevin Froggatt, “I think it will be fun this year to try out winter track. I heard it’s laid back and will give me some good reasons to join spring track”

The coaches for the team are as follows: Head coach Mr. Cochran, and assistant coach Mrs. Kinter. Together they form a really good team with fun and interesting practices to get the team into shape.

The only events excluded from the list are Discus, Javelin, and the 100 meter dash.


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