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Freshamn Tips

By KAYLEE BECKER-GEORGE – As a freshman myself, I can attest to the fear that hits many students when they first arrive at this school. It’s much bigger and relies much more on responsibility and initiative than the Junior High. Fortunately, the freshmen have the upperclassmen to help us through this year with some tips.

The most important thing freshman can do is believe in themselves. It’s the year to take initiative. What freshman do this year and in the years to come will have a huge impact on the future. Freshman need to step up and be ready to face the responsibility needed to pass ninth grade.

Upperclassmen advise students to walk on the right side of the hall. This stops confusion in the halls, which means students can get to class faster and easier. Also, if everyone else is walking on the right side of the hall, it’s probably a good idea to walk on the right side.

For some more general advice, sophomore Andrew Rubinstein says, “Always go one step further than the final direction.”

To succeed, don’t just settle for average. Be willing to do the best you absolutely can, even if it means putting in extra work. Impress your teachers and get the best grades you can. If there’s extra credit, do it regardless of whether or not your grade needs it at that moment. Put the extra time into studying to make sure you get a really good score on that test. It might seem like a lot of work, and a lot of stress, but you just need to buckle down and do it.

Next is a little bit of advice from junior Brandon Gunsallus who says, “You guys aren’t eighth graders anymore, you’re back at the bottom of the pyramid.” This isn’t a year to be childish or to do things out of sheer spite. This year is our fresh start. Our prior records are gone. A clean start. Use it to your advantage.

So Freshman, it’s your choice whether or not you listen to this advice, but remember that the people giving you these tips have been there and survived. You can survive too.


[Photo by Kaylee Becker-George]

Photo Caption: “Freshman Kharis Bohn works studiously during her math class.”

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