Indiana Area Senior High School

The main office welcomes new staff


This year, IHS welcomes a brand new office staff. Mrs. Gallo, Mrs. Schwartz, and Mrs. Smith are the friendly faces of the main office this year. The main office is always working hard on keeping things organized and making sure everything is easier for everyone in the school. 

The office welcomes a returning face in Mrs. Schwartz, who moves into the main office secretary position replacing the retired Mrs. Joyce Shirley.

Mrs. Schwartz loves seeing students and staff pass through the office. She has been working in the office for about two years now so she has grown accustomed to the job. “The most challenging thing about working in the office for me is not having enough time in the day to get things done,” Schwartz comments. 

Mrs. Gallo is the newest Administrative assistant. She is in charge of a little bit of everything. She works with the activity boards and organized the IHS “Quotes to Live By” board.

The “Quotes to Live By” board has inspirational quotes on it such as, “Push yourself because no one else is going to do that for you.” Her favorite part of working in the office is getting to see the students pass through. “The hardest part of working in the office is trying to keep everybody happy,” Gallo explains. 

Mrs. Smith is the temporary attendance officer and a teacher’s aide. She is in charge of everything that has to do with attendance. She thinks it is hard to be the attendance officer because she doesn’t like getting kids in trouble, but she has to if they aren’t where they are supposed to be.  

Her favorite part of working in the office is having a window. Her other room (the copy room) is an interior classroom so the only window is the one in the door. She says it’s nice to actually look outside and see people. 

Sophomore Ayla Kugler exclaims, “ I think the office does a very good job keeping things organized. Every time I pass through they are hard at work. I always hear them over the announcements trying to track people down. I think that working in the office would be a very challenging job, so it is very impressive that they succeed.” 

The office is always working hard to keep everything together and make sure everything runs smoothly in the school. 

[Photo by Addison Mosco] “Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Gallo, and Mrs. Smith are running the front office this year.”

Addison Mosco


Addison is a sophomore and a second-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys baking and swimming. She is looking forward to informing the students of IHS with accurate information.

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