Indiana Area Senior High School

By JACOB CHRISTIAN – As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, people stop drinking their cold, age-appropriate summer beverages and prefer hotter, cozier substitutes.

Tea and coffee are the beverage bastions of colder weather, but coffee tends to take the limelight, overshadowing many of tea’s very compelling aspects with it’s harsh practicality. Tea has less caffeine than coffee for the most part, and because of that, coffee is preferred by those who need their psychoactive stimulant to stay awake in the mornings. While coffee is very utilitarian, tea has a rainbow of different flavors, enough to suit the tastes of anyone.

Senior Tian Schiera stated, “I prefer coffee, any type because all coffee has caffeine.” The adrenaline boost she gets from coffee is useful to her after long nights of studying or work.

Grant Minnick, a senior at IHS, said that he loves both coffee and tea, but if he had to choose, he would pick coffee. “I really like Mocha and Pumpkin spice because the flavors are so rich and tasty. Coffee is good because it’s a good base for stronger additives.” Grant brings up a good point, coffee is really good because it is a base for many beverages that it meshes well with. It has the capability to be mixed with chocolate or other flavors for a very strong and vibrant drink. A lot of the times, the subtle variety of tea simply pales in comparison to coffee’s ability to create vibrant flavors.

Senior Ben Van Wieren stated, “I prefer tea because I’m not a caffeine junkie.” He talked about how he enjoys a cup of green tea with honey over a cup of coffee. While many folks flock to coffee for its sheer utility, other folks prefer to go for a more laid-back experience. They opt for tea because it is less intense both in flavor and in caffeine content.

Tea and coffee have been at it for years. There are many pluses and minuses to both beverages. Many people consume and enjoy both, but the practicality of coffee propels it to the top of the beverage food chain. Tea is great, but it just doesn’t have the capability to be as vibrant or useful.


[Photo by Jacob Christian]

Photo Caption:  “Senior Andy Woan cozies up to a cup of coffee.”


Jacob Christian

Jacob is a senior and a first year reporter for the High Arrow.  He joined journalism to use as a creative outlet and as a way to challenge himself and improve his writing.