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By JORIE MEIL – Behind the spooky sets and haunting costumes of The Addams Family is the hard working crew that holds the show together. The stage crew, tech crew, wardrobe crew, and stage management crew keep the show running smoothly throughout the rehearsal process and the actual shows.

The stage management crew is responsible for a number of things backstage during the show. This year’s stage managers are seniors Skylar Pruett and Jackie Sprenger. The stage managers bring many aspects of the show together. Stage managers manage rehearsals, actors, and crew, making sure that everything is going the way it needs to be.

“Being a stage manager lets you have a behind the scenes view of what it takes to put on a show. Stage managers are never seen during a production, but they do so many things to put on a show,” expresses Sprenger.

Another well oiled part of the machine is the technical crew. This year’s technical crew is made up of sophomore Tyler Pruitt on light board, senior Macey Philips on sound board, junior Emma Cannillo on spotlight, and sophomore Arianna Goodyear on spotlight. The technical crew is responsible for making sure the audience can see and hear the show in its full glory.

The stage crew of The Addams Family is responsible for the incredible set that is a part of this year’s production. This year’s stage crew is made up of freshmen Debra Flint and Lexi Gibbons, and sophomores Shelby Kerstetter and Danny Lee. The stage crew assists in building the set, gathering props, and helping backstage during the shows.
“I think it’s interesting to watch the show evolve from being bits and pieces to being a whole production,” commented Lee.

One of the major aspects that brings the show alive is the costumes and makeup. Both of these are a part of the wardrobe crew. The wardrobe crew is made up of costume crew head sophomore Jorie Meil, the head of makeup Lauren Boda-Sutton, sophomore Hayley Henning and junior Amy Ishoy. As this is a costume and makeup intense show, the wardrobe crew has been sewing, styling, and designing everything to meet the demands of this production.

“My favorite part of being on crew is the companionship I’ve developed with the cast and other crew members, as well as the pit It’s a huge honor for me to be the head of cosmetics and serve my third year on wardrobe crew,” expresses Boda-Sutton.

While they are never seen and don’t get to take a final bow, the crew of The Addams Family works tirelessly to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


[Photo by Jorie Meil]

Photo Caption: “Senior Lauren Boda – Sutton works hard to prepare costumes for The Addams Family musical.”

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