Indiana Area Senior High School

By KILEY BRANAN –  Quarantine has affected all of us in some way or another, and were all getting really bored being stuck at home, but how are our teachers doing during the quarantine, and how has it affected them?

Biology and Environmental science teacher, Mrs. Hixson has been busy with moving her classes online which is difficult since science has lots of hand on aspects, but her classes aren’t the only thing affected by the virus. She has a farm to keep her busy as well. Hixson commented, “We have chickens for both eggs and meat, bees (honey and lip balm), and make soap out of farm products as well. I have started experimenting with cut flowers recently too.” She also added that a pig pen is under construction and they see a possibility of piglets in the near future.

Online classes have been difficult for everyone including the teachers. “I enjoy in-person classes so much more, I miss having the one hundred little interactions with students I get every day, and to be able to teach and help them in person is so much better,” said Hixson who is also missing being in school. She has been experimenting with a different type of learning that she has been meaning to try for a while and thought this would be a good time, “It is more personalized learning, students are getting the information and learning what they need, but I give them options of how they go about doing it so it fits their learning style more” added Hixson

Hixson’s farm is being affected by the virus as well. She is part of the farmers market and is Vice President on the farmer’s market board. The board has been working together to find new ways for people to sell their products since the market is opening later in the year than usual. She has started growing an online presence to sell her products until they are able to have the farmers market. “Having the farm is really interesting, I started to see how much I could grow myself instead of at the store where it’s gone through so many processes and so much shipping to get there.”

During the quarantine, Hixson has been working to help students with the transition and schoolwork as well as spending time on her farm and working to help others from the farmers market. She gave some great advice on coping with quarantine, “Its definitely difficult to stay home all the time, I think it’s important that we all try to get outside and get fresh air. It’s important though that we stay inside so that we can try to slow the virus rather than spread it, and there are so many things you can learn and try while in your free time. I am so impressed with how this has brought our community together and its really nice to see everyone helping each other during this time.”

[Photo courtesy of Emily Hixson]

Kiley Branan

Kiley is a freshman and a first year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys writing about sports and school events.