Indiana Area Senior High School

IHS says goodbye to favorite teachers

By JORIE MEIL – As another year starts at IHS  the school community has to bid goodbye to several favorite teachers. Mr. Scott Salser, Mrs. Carla Sandbothe, and Mrs. Erin Eisenman all left IHS at the end of last year, with Salser and Sandbothe retiring and Eisenman moving on to become principal at Eisenhower Elementary.  […]

Cracking up over Instagram likes

By ASHLEE GRAHAM –  If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that the internet loves memes. They can’t get enough of them – from moths, to Kermit the frog, now to an egg. That’s right, there’s a new star taking over the spotlight in 2019, a brown egg. No, guys, I’m […]