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By KAYLEE BECKER-GEORGE – On October 27, students from a variety of English classes spent time in the library involved in the Library Whodunit Mystery. The students, from many different grade levels and classes, were tasked with solving a crime presented by the Library Club. The winners were Abby Walker, and Haley Hibsman from Ms. Duffy’s class. They discovered that the crime had been committed by Tracie Everheart.

When the students arrived, the cast put on a small skit to introduce the crime and the characters. The mystery was solved by answering a series of library related questions, then taking the answers and unscrambling them to reveal the answer. The activity was timed, and those with the lowest time and the most correct answers won a trophy for their English class.

The Whodunit Mystery was developed by the Library Club to be a fun teamwork activity for students. Senior Lillian Boone, the President of Library Club A said, “We were basically teasing the idea last year, but this year it really came into fruition.” The script was written by Sequoiah Rhoades, the President of Library Club B.

Freshman Debra Flint commented, “It was an overall fun activity and I would definitely do it again.”

The cast found that the mystery was a positive activity. One member, Senior Lea Harley, says, “Honestly, [the Whodunit Mystery] was fun to do because I feel like the Library Club got closer.”

The other teams were: Alex Guth, Macey Phillips and alternate Rocco Fanella from Mr. Farina’s class; Arianna Goodyear, Sarah Denver and alternate Antonio Caporossi from Mrs. Haggerty’s class; Alexi Belice, Matt Robinson, and alternate Zach Fries from Mrs. Lyons’ class; Debra Flint, Kevin Roadarmel and alternate Taylor Weaver from Mrs. Mears’ class; Jessica Morse, Raeleigh Smith and alternate Eddy Williams from Mr. Nath’s class; Drake Peiffer and Drake Pokol from Mrs. Pangonis’ class; and Grant Minnick, Patricia Szep and alternate Jacob Valentin from Mrs. Steve’s class.

The cast members consisted of the members of the Library Club. Lea Harley was the narrator, Hope Byers was Elaine Foxworth, Madelyn Thompson was Major Barton Dallow, Sequoiah Rhoades played Ernest Berickson, Hannah Taylor was Tracie Everheart, and Rylee Dunmire was Brenda Kingston. Ezra Wadding was the Photographer and Saja Abulaila was in charge of timekeeping.


[Photo by Ezra Wadding]

Photo Caption: “Library Club members (first row) Hope Byers, Rylee Dunmire and Maddie Thompson (second row), Hannah Taylor, Lea Harley, and Sequoiah Rhodes hosted the “Whodunit Mystery Contest” held on Friday, October 27, in the IHS library.

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