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By DYLAN LATORE – They say that all that glitters is not gold. However, on some nights, it can seem like it is. On October 8, from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, students from both inside and outside IHS made a splash at Homecoming.

While it was hoped it would everything of the attendee’s wildest dreams with the striking theme of ‘gold and glitz’, this was also the first dance to take place in the newly renovated Upper Commons as opposed the hot and muggy, ‘gym’ dances.

One of the most well-known aspects of Homecoming is the “proposals.’” While they are not expected to be as dazzling as the famous “Promposals,” they are still one of the most fun and creative aspects of Homecoming.

While there are the obvious and cliched ways to ask your special someone, it is expected that you really dig deep and personalize your proposal. Some of the best ways to ask someone don’t even require much effort. Some of the more memorable proposals this year was Tanner Bush’s running and shoe-themed proposal to Teresa Roth, and Grant Harkleroad’s The Office themed proposal to Bailey Dills.

Something that can be troubling when it comes to a dance is how formal or informal to dress. This subject is more specific to the boys due to the more layers of formality in dress. With guys at Homecoming you see anything from a bow-tie and suspenders, to a suit that could be appropriate for a wedding. At IHS, the general consensus seems to be the suit. So it’s always nice to find this out beforehand so you aren’t over or under dressed.

Every year IHS is blessed with the morning announcements of the dance guidelines and rules. If you ask any teacher who has chaperoned the dance to describe Homecoming, they will likely describe a throbbing amoeba of flesh connected quintuplets meandering across the dance floor. It seems every year IHS tries to ‘crack down’ on the body to body contact at Homecoming, but once something has built up a reputation, it will take a lot more than a few verbal reprimands here and there to stop it.

Perhaps a sort of dance floor lifeguard perched in the rafters could put a dent in the perceived inappropriate nature of some of the dances.

Wrapping up, Homecoming continues to be a memorable experience, not just for IHS but, for schools all around. It’s one of those majors checkpoints in the school year that students look forward to, and you really have to embrace these checkpoints if you want to make it through the year alive (or at least the semi-alive work-zombie state that most of us seem to be in).

[Photo by Erik Puskar]


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