Indiana Area Senior High School

By DYLAN LATORE – Spring has sprung, meaning track is back and in full swing.

The return of the new season has brought in approximately 100 athletes, with more still considering participation this year.

Unfortunately, the nice weather could not hold up, so the athletes are met with less than satisfactory conditions to get back into the sport.

Nevertheless, the cold weather has not seemed to stop any of the athletes, old or new, from putting in the work that will help to condition them for success in the coming season.

This year, the team has an abundance of freshman new to the sport, any of whom could be the next track star of IHS.

Senior Pole Vaulter Braedon Sheesley shared his outlook saying, “I think the team will do pretty well this year. I feel we are very strong in our distance athletes as well from our hurdlers. For both our guys and girls, we have strong field event athletes as well.”

Sophomore distance runner Jack Finegan stated that he thinks, “The team will do fantastic in all areas. Distance, sprinting, jumping, hurdles, and throwing are looking as good if not better than last season. And all the new freshman we got won’t hurt either”.

It should not be difficult to from and opinion in regard to how well the team will do during winter season.

With over 20 athletes qualifying for the TSTCA Championship, and the 4×8 Relay team making it to the State Championship, it would be easy to say that things are looking positive for this season.

Senior Pole Vaulter, Jeremy Adamson added that he “expect(s) it to be an exciting year and I’m looking forward to getting closer with my teammates.”


[Photo by Dylan Latore]

Senior Jeremy Adamson soars 13 feet in the air for a vault.


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