Indiana Area Senior High School

By EMMA NORMAN – After a long and challenging year, IHS seniors are preparing to say their goodbyes. Although the graduation ceremony is not until August, the faculty and staff at IHS have been working hard to make sure the seniors have something to celebrate on June 5th. Whether it’s saying goodbye to their favorite teacher or simply just saying goodbye to the memories, the seniors are ready. 

Senior Brady Kodman reminisced on the past four years of high school and was short for words when asked what his favorite memory was. He stated, “One of my favorite experiences at IHS was at my junior year Mini Thon. I love being able to help raise money for kids with pediatric cancer, and it was an amazing night with my friends.” 

Senior Cleo McMahan is especially thankful for Mrs. Edmonds, who taught Cleo her senior year. She remarked, “Mrs. Edmonds has definitely had the most impact on me as a student. She has taught me ways of studying that have helped, and will continue to help me learn things the correct way.”

Senior Hanna Contrucci is thankful for the clubs at IHS and everything they have taught her about leadership. She commented, “I am thankful that I got to be a part of SGA all of high school. It has taught me how to be a leader, even if you don’t have the title.”

When the seniors were asked what advice they would give to the underclassmen, they all had similar answers. The seniors’ biggest message to the underclassmen is to not take these years for granted. 

We wish the senior class the best of luck as they enter into the next four years of their life. 

Emma Norman

Emma is a senior and this is her third year with The High Arrow.  She enjoys providing the school with trustworthy news and plans to enjoy her senior year on the staff.