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By HANNAH STEELE – On Friday, March 2, fifteen senior members of the Portfolio Club displayed their creative artwork in The Artists Hand Gallery at the 2018 Indiana High School Senior Art Show. The exhibit, which will remain up until April 9, invites all of Indiana County to admire the beautiful pieces.

Ms. Arlene Miller, the adviser of the Portfolio club, was happy with the display, “The willingness of the students was incredible; some students came early to help set up for the night, which was very nice. The evening itself was delightful. I’ve had these students since ninth grade, and they are a very hardworking, talented and passionate group that I will miss dearly.”

Seniors Kaitlynn Altman, Morgan Bernard, Lauren Boda-Sutton, Elizabeth Denver, McKayla Donofrio, Leia Kightlinger, Kalyn Menifee, Samantha Palmer, Kathleen Peles, Michelle Raymond, Keegan Schuller, Taylor Sebring, Mohamed Sissoko, Madison Varholick, and Kelsey Wagner contributed their personal artwork for the show.
With close to 200 visitors, consisting of family, teachers, friends, and school board members, the opening night was very successful.

Senior Lauren Boda-Sutton, who participated in the art show, expressed, “It was a huge honor to be invited to a professional gallery and learn to fill out a gallery contract for the first time. I really enjoyed the opening reception on top of it all.” Sutton plans to minor in art in college.

To be eligible for the show, the seniors had to be in Portfolio Club, go into an art field or have a strong passion for art, and be willing to sell their work. The artwork presented could be former items from sophomore and junior year, or current creations from senior year. Ranging from $10-$75, the pieces varied from paintings to sculptures to even jewelry.

“At first, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the people piling in and staring at our work,” senior Morgan Bernard stated. “Then I started talking to some people and I got some awesome feedback, and even some criticism to what I could work on with my future pieces. It was a very good experience overall.”

McKayla Donofrio, a senior, enjoyed showing off her work. “I had a lot of fun at the show. I thought it was really cool to see all the other artists’ artwork and to meet new people. I had a great time being there with my friends and family.”

Stop by the Artists Hand Gallery to admire the IHS Portfolio Club’s beautiful artwork while it lasts.

Art Show Edit

[Photo by Frankie Baumer]

Photo Caption: The works of senior art students will be on display at the Artists Hand Gallery from now through April 9.

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