Indiana Area Senior High School

By JUSTIN REESE – Senior Jorie Meil is a fourth-year staff member of the High Arrow and Co-Editor. She was often seen around the halls of IHS crushing on Harry Styles or talking about her favorite episodes of Community or Gilmore Girls.

During her four years at IHS Meil served as Vice-President for the Drama Club and was a stage manager of Cinderella. When not stage managing Meil could be found acting in productions like Brother Grimm: Spectaculathon. Meil was always finding ways to make Mrs. Lyons’ life easier! As secretary of Athena club for three years, the organization relied on Meil each year to plan their annual luncheon which was always a success.

Apart from her time in the Drama Department, Meil was often found in Mr. Nath’s room watching the newest episode of The Marvelous Ms. Maisel while hard at work revising articles and working with her fellow editor. 

Jorie has made a major impact on everyone that has been on the High Arrow staff for the past four years. Freshman Meghan Rummell commented, “Jorie is incredibly nice and always offered to help everyone with anything they needed. She was an overall great person to be around and she could make anyone’s day better!”

Another freshman and first year reporter Kiley Branan adds, “Although I’ve only been on the staff with her for a year, I have learned so much from Jorie and am happy that I got to have her as one of my editors! She was always so sweet and I loved the talks we shared during journalism, I will miss Jorie a lot. And I wish her luck on everything that comes her way in the future.”

Incoming editor Adriana Guth Borowski also expressed her appreciation and admiration of Meil stating, “Jorie has been an incredible co-editor these past two years. Her hard work and dedication really shines through. Her presence in the classroom is so positive and will be greatly missed.”  

After she finishes her last year at IHS, Meil plans to attend Chatham University in the fall to take on a four-and-a-half-year communications program, graduating Chatham with a Master’s in Communications.

Meil hopes to work for a Jewish non-profit or museum and perhaps eventually go into public interest law.

“To anyone joining journalism, congrats on choosing one of the best classes at the high school. Enjoy it, and listen to your editors,” said Meil to next year’s journalism students.


Justin Reese

Justin Reese is a junior and is returning to journalism for his second year of reporting. Justin loves writing articles that will inform and entertain his peers.