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Disclosure: Justin Reese is a current member of the High Arrow staff

By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – Senior Justin Reese, after attending IASD for 13 years, strives for extra credit by throwing his graduation cap in the ring for the IASD Board of School Directors. 

Reese has worked in politics as a staff member on multiple campaigns. He believes that he knows better than anyone about the issues that students deal with within the school system, according to a campaign press release. 

“Civic and educational responsibilities have been disregarded by previous generations and board members, and I’m going to change that,” Reese said. “Short-sighted budget cuts by the school board have caused detrimental changes in the education of our students.”

Reese was involved in the school board meeting regarding cutting journalism at IHS and spoke to prevent the class from being cut. 

“Our community deserves a board that listens to all district stakeholders,” he said. 

Students within the school are able to vote for a candidate that they go to school with during the primary election on May 18

“I think it is really good to have somebody with a perspective from inside the classroom,” said senior Kaden Duffee. “He will represent the interests of the students and teachers without getting caught up in the politics. He has a valuable perspective that nobody else does.” 

Many IHS students will be able to participate in their first election since turning 18. 

“I am so happy that I can be involved in the voting process this election,” senior Gracie Porter said. “I think it’s really good that someone from the student body is running because they have more insight than adults outside the school since they haven’t been in school in years.” 

At IHS, Reese is involved in IHS Leadership, SENDRACS treasurer, High Arrow associate editor, and co-founder of the IHS Recycling initiative. 

“With your help,” Reese said, “I can run my campaign to turn around the future of schooling in Indiana. We have quality educators and willing students, we can’t let their education suffer at the fault of an irresponsible and negligent school board.”

To learn about Reese’s platform or to donate, visit 

[Photo by Darcy Trunzo]

Photo Caption: “Senior Justin Reese donates food at the Democratic headquarters on Philadelphia Street.”

Adriana Guth-Borowski

Editor In Chief

Adriana is a senior and editor in chief during her fourth year of journalism. She enjoys taking journalism classes at IUP and is excited to provide the community with factual news reporting.