Indiana Area Senior High School

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the entire country stops to honor its veterans, a tradition that impacts many here at IHS. On November 8, IHS hosted its annual Veteran’s Day assembly.

Students and teachers gathered to remember those who have served and sacrificed for the safety and freedom of our country. Senior Jason Kovalchick expressed, “It is important that we never forget and are reminded of the sacrifices Americans have made for our country and our values.”

Social studies teacher William Doody worked with his students to prepare and present the assembly. With help from the students and faculty, the assembly was an overwhelming success and left the auditorium speechless. Senior Nathan Birch was pleased with the outcome of the assembly stating, “I thought the assembly was incredibly successful. It reminded the student body of the impact that veterans have on America.”

Kovalchick was also delighted with the outcome of the assembly. He remarked, “I think that the mood of the assembly was appropriately solemn. It’s not always easy to remember things like this, for people have been hurt by the loss of loved ones; but through this, there is a renewed sense of solidarity among everyone who attended.

Each year a slideshow containing the names of loved ones who served is respectfully displayed. These names were relatives of teachers and students at IHS and added to the impact of the presentation. Birch added, “I found that the video of the veterans related to IHS students and teachers was very impactful. It shows how veterans are a vital part of the IHS community and how many students can connect in that way.”

Photo by Erik Puskar

Photo Caption: “Senior Cloe Williams introduces the women’s chorus who sang “America the Beautiful” at this year’s Veteran’s Day Assembly.


Emma Norman

Emma is a senior and this is her third year with The High Arrow.  She enjoys providing the school with trustworthy news and plans to enjoy her senior year on the staff.