Indiana Area Senior High School

Photo by Annie Tortorella


A symphony of colors, blended together by quick brush strokes and defined by soft, dark edges – the framed and matted watercolor of Rose Mazey titled “Stripes.”

This year, the seniors of the IHS Portfolio Club, run by Indiana High art teachers Mrs. Arlene Miller and Mrs. Beth Porter, are putting on the 4th annual art show at Artists Hand Gallery on Philadelphia Street where works such as Mazey’s will be displayed.  The walls and tables of the gallery are lined with drawings, paintings, jewelry, prints, hand-built and thrown ceramics, all created by upperclassmen at IHS.  The display will run from now until April 1.

The gallery opened up with the reception of the show that took place on March 10th from 6-8pm at the Artists Hand, where many of the artists were present to display and sell their work.  Senior Portfolio Club member Kallie Kocinski masterfully designed the card inviting all to the gallery opening.

The students in Portfolio club were required to choose five of their best pieces that represent them in relation to all of the work from their senior high art career.  Senior arty student Rose Mazey stated, “I chose my most recent work because my style has changed significantly over the years. Mrs. Miller helped me pick them based on which represented me the best and would make the best prints.”

Not only do the students make the artwork, but they also learn to mat and frame their work as well as organize the gallery opening and according to Mrs. Miller, “They do every part of the process of what it would be like to have their own show.”

While the purpose of Portfolio Club is to prepare for the senior show at the end of the year, Portfolio Club also prepares the students for more than just creating fantastic, complex pieces; it aides them in their post-secondary life as a successful part of the art community and industry.

Christine Evans, president of Portfolio Club, stated, “[the gallery opening] definitely helped prepare me for the art industry because I gained experience with organizing and working with the gallery owners.”

About half of the pieces are for sale while the others are on display.  Can’t afford the original masterpiece? Many of the pieces only on display can be purchased in print-form at a lower cost.  Any way you choose to appreciate the works, make sure to stop by Artist’s Hand to show that you are a true connoisseur for your peers’ unique, handcrafted artwork.



Photo caption: Christine Evans, a senior art student, and art teacher Beth Porter prepare a display of student art at the Artists Hand Gallery on Philadelphia Street.


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