Indiana Area Senior High School

By KIARA DONOFRIO- The Indiana Area Senior High School rugby team has overcome new challenges during the 2020-2021 school year.  Covid-19 is a bump in the road, but the year continues as the team pushes themselves, moving forward with the season.

Senior Gavin Prebish states, “This year has been going very well considering that most of our team are first-year players. Our goal for this year is to make it to the playoffs. I am very excited to see how far we can go!” The team comes together with this positive attitude during a difficult time to make the season the best it can be. They work toward their goal in every practice and game they participate in.

Junior Owen Clifford says,  “Rugby has been affected greatly by Covid because the opponents we play are getting smaller and smaller in numbers and the seasons are shorter. A shorter season is better than no season though.¨ These are just small setbacks that the team can overcome.

Senior Tanner Smith announces, “The team has been working hard to be the best that we can, even though we have some newcomers.  The team is looking sharp and it seems like we will have a successful season.” The team welcomes the newcomers with open arms as they have to work together. The newcomers and previous players learn new techniques from each other to build up the overall team’s skill.

This is important because every sports team holds a special place at the Indiana Area Senior High School.  As this year has been a unique one, rugby had to adapt to be successful this season. To make this year happen, staff and faculty, along with students, have been putting in so much effort while making sure everyone is still following the CDC guidelines. Working towards the goal to have a good season and make it to the playoffs, they have to push themselves harder and harder. 

[Photo by Gavin Prebish]

Photo caption: “Gavin Prebish and his opponent face each other in a game that Indiana later won.”


Kiara Donofrio


Kiara is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow.  She enjoys volunteering for Key Club and SGA.  She is excited to write articles and to be a part of the staff.