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By JUSTIN REESE- The 70’s was the golden decade for rock bands and rock fans. Although the era may have passed, 2018 shows a bright future for the “Rock Revival” with many 70’s bands starting, or some even discontinuing, their touring.

As the new year progresses, more information and more bands are releasing their touring information. One of the bands touring is the legendary Fleetwood Mac, which is rumored to discontinue their tour with one last “Farewell Tour”  largely in the UK and possibly in larger states in the US.

The Eagles plan to continue their tour by starting a “North American Tour,” which will include most US states and Canadian Provinces. These, along with many other bands, are touring this year.

Fleetwood Mac, the iconic 70’s band, has had “rumors” of a farewell tour, but the plans were confirmed by Christine McVie who told the BBC, “We are going to start rehearsing in March of next year. The tour is around June and will be global.”

Freshman Lilly Nath said, “I really enjoy Fleetwood Mac and I think they are soothing and relaxing to listen to. If I had to chance to see them near to Indiana, I would definitely go.”

Along with Fleetwood Mac, heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne also is going on a “Farewell Tour.” The tour will begin in Mexico in 2018 and end in North America in 2020. This is actually Osbourne’s second “Farewell Tour.” Sophomore Zach Palko said, “Ozzy is a pretty laid back guy. He has a huge passion for music (like me) and has a crazy personality. A guy like him with that much talent would bring a pretty large crowd to Pittsburgh.”

The well-known 70’s band, The Eagles, has recently updated their official website with new tour dates for 2018. Their tour will be in North America and will even have a tour location close to home in Pittsburgh, PA on July 28. Freshman Anakin Leydic said, “If the Eagles were touring in Pittsburgh, I would love to go. Some of their amazing hits are still played today like ‘Hotel California’, ‘Take it Easy’, and ‘Life in the Fast Line’. I would much rather see them perform their songs. Compared to nowadays music, their music is really great and I wish it was still like this today.”

There are even solo artists pairing up with others for their 2018 tours. Famous singer Rod Stewart and eccentric artist Cyndi Lauper will be touring the US this year with a concert in Pittsburgh, PA on August 11th at the PPG Paints Arena.

One of the most searched bands on Spotify is also going on tour. Guns N’ Roses has decided to extend their extremely popular “Not in This Lifetime” tour but will only be featured in Europe, including locations such as Germany, France, Spain, Russia, and other countries.

Although many IHS students are not fans of 70’s bands, almost everyone knows someone that will appreciate the large number of 70’s bands and artists going on tour this year.

Rock Revial

[Photo by Justin Reese]

Photo Caption: “Freshman Anakin Leydic shows off his Fleetwood Mac album.”


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