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By KIMBERLY SAMUEL – On Saturday September 30,  Indiana Senior High school hosted another spectacular homecoming dance that had everybody stepping into their dancing shoes and busting a move. Homecoming is a yearly event, celebrated during late August – early October with the purpose of building school spirit welcoming back former alumni. During homecoming week there are a wide variety of activities for students to participate in and celebrate our school spirit.

One of the events for homecoming that the students are more involved in is the highly anticipated and attended homecoming dance. Tenth grade Kendall Menfee says “ I was excited to see my friends and their dresses. Everyone looked amazing.It was just a magical and fun night and I wouldn’t change one thing”.

The homecoming dance is the night where students get dressed up and are able to dance the night away with friends and/or that one special person. Before the dance, couples make elaborate plans to ask someone to attend as a date, and this brings the students closer together. When everyone is involved to help making the moment, that moment lasts forever for the two love birds.

The homecoming dance is open to high school students in all grades, and this year’s theme was “A Thousand Lights,” which was well on display in the decorations of the Upper Commons.  There were many lights strung about with balloons that got passed around, which added to the fun of the environment. There was a wide selection of music that varied from the old throwbacks to current hits and an area decorated exclusively for pictures.

Junior Emerson Render expressed her satisfaction with the dance stating, “ I was mostly excited and happy to dance with my friends.”

There were times during the dance when everyone would get up together for the line dances that included the Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble.

The  dance was very high energy and there were smiles on everyone’s faces (even some of the adult chaperones got into the groove of things!). SGA, which hosts the event,  was very satisfied with the outcome of the dance. SGA Treasurer Lauren Bertig  explained that it took seven hours to decorate and there was a record number of 465 students in attendance.

Bertig added, “SGA put a lot of effort into decorating and it ended being everything we could ask for” showing that the night was a huge success and will leave memories for the students to take throughout their high school experience, and for the rest of their lives.


[Photo by Erik Puskar]

Photo caption: “Two couples, Rachele Smith and Tommy Arbuckle on the left and Mikail Bajwa and Emerson Render on the right, are all smiles as they continue to party and dance away the night.”

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