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Pre Prom 2

By MIA LENZI – Prom season started early with the much anticipated Pre-Prom.  On April 21 IHS life skills students attended the annual Pre-Prom event held at the Indiana Country Club.  IHS volunteers from various organizations such as Key Club and the Drama Department helped to make the day a special event for everyone involved.

Nine schools total participate in Pre-Prom including Apollo Ridge High School, Armstrong School District, Blairsville/Saltsburg School District, Freeport High School, Homer Center High School, Indiana Senior High School, Marion Center High School, New Story, and Penns Manor Junior/Senior High School. One of the Indiana Area chaperones Mrs. Lori Dadson was very enthusiastic about the event. Dadson says, “It gives [the students] the opportunity to experience a formal event and have fun within a setting they feel comfortable in. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the community’s support because of the joy and happiness it gave the students involved.”

Volunteer students from the Drama Department gave their time to help with the students. The volunteers were responsible for getting the female life skill students’ hair and makeup ready before they left after first period. Junior volunteer Jill Black comments, “This was another year of success for Pre-Prom, the girls love getting their hair and makeup done, and just like everyone, the day of prom is a one of a kind day.” It is very important to everyone participating to make the day as special as possible.

Key Club also had a part in organizing the Pre-Prom. The volunteers starting by greeting all of the schools as they entered, and once everyone arrived they had a Grand March. A couple from each school was then named King and Queen.  After the coronations, the group moved on to dinner and dessert. Schools were able to make their way to the candy bar throughout the event as well. The night was finished off with dancing and having a good time.

The volunteers were able to join the dancing as well. Junior Key Club volunteer Jessica Cash comments on the success of the night. “Yes, I would say the day was a success. Despite some minor glitches, at the end of the day all of the kids were smiling and having a great time dancing.”

The opportunity for the life skills students is open to go to Prom on May 12, but Pre-Prom allows for a fun night where the students can be showcase their dance moves early. Pre-Prom 2017, the Enchanted Forest, turned out to be a fun filled night that everyone involved will never forget.


[Photo by Lori Dadson]

Photo Caption: Freshman Lexus Dadson and senior Cody Dailey share a dance at the Pre-Prom event.


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