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By FIONA MURPHY – Not only is a beautiful inflection one of the primary sonic pleasantries in life- it can also earn a student prestigious awards.  By utilizing only memorization, a convincing lack of stage fright, and passionate enunciation, students at IHS have received notable awards that have lead them to recognition in the recitative poetry community and beyond.  As in years past, Indiana High School once again participated in the national Poetry Out Loud competition, sending freshman Lily Boulard to the regional round held Wednesday, January 25 at IUP.

In the initial stages of the competition, students throughout IHS were invited to compete in the classroom race to move on to the school wide competition. 24 students competed in the classroom competitions and of those, six moved on to the school-wide event.

On January 17, the classroom winners gathered in the IHS auditorium to recite their carefully-chosen pieces.  The students were judged by IHS librarian Carla Sandbothe, guidance counselor Katie Smith, and English teacher Natalie Mears on accuracy, physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding, and overall performance.   English teacher Larry Nath served as the accuracy judge.

The Poetry Out Loud competition has not only affected English classrooms this January, but also IHS as a whole.  School-wide competition winner Boulard, stated, “I attribute my success thus far to my experiences in various theatrical productions.” As has been commonplace for the past couple of years, a student from IHS competed valiantly, with Boulard taking 3rd place this year at the regional competition held in IUP’s Performing Arts Center.  Boulard’s competitors were from Marion Center and Kiski Prep.

IHS Poetry Out Loud coordinator Mears stated, “Lily [Boulard] shows tremendous potential as a freshman.  We look forward to working with her and hearing more recitations from her in future Poetry Out Loud competitions.”

Indiana High constantly encourages students to express themselves through various means and encourages students to participate in activities that expand beyond the walls of the senior high.  Not only is IHS an esteemed school in regard to sports, visual arts, academic, and musical competitions, but in poetry recitation as well thanks to the long lineage of Poetry Out Loud competitors and champions.  Congratulations to Lily Boulard for once again representing Indiana High in this academically prestigious event.


Photo Caption: IHS students sophomore Ella Zhang, junior Samantha Palmer, freshman Eliza Ray, junior Gloria Lo, freshman Lily Boulard, and senior Lillian Rauss participated in this year’s school wide Poetry Out Loud competition.


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