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By KIMBERLY SAMUEL – Personalized learning is something that has been around for years in the education system, and this school year there have been changes to both the Indiana Junior and Senior High. One method of personalized learning is online classes where a student is able to get their credits through programs that offer yet another option to best meet their needs.

The program that IHS uses is called Asynchronous, and students have many options available once registered for a new school year. One option is that students are able to take classes online with no required time in the building. Another option is that students can take three to four classes in the school building, and the rest online, or just one or two online to free up a student’s schedule.

There are some requirements for certain courses to be taken online, for example, one must pass Environmental Science before taking Biology. Also, parental permission is required before a student enrolls.

Some classes that have been popular with students have been Phys. Ed, Social Studies, and Computer Applications. Senior Alex Detwiler takes Phys.Ed this year and stated that he had also taken online classes for computer applications last year, “ I have more time in my schedule to work without conflicting my schedule, and there isn’t limited classroom time.”

With online classes, there aren’t any specific times students have to sign in, and if there are things they need help on, they can schedule appointments with teachers to get further explanations.

One of the teachers for online classes, Ms. Nibert gave more information on the programs and stated that it is available for all grades adding,“ Online classes provide students with more flexibility when trying to schedule classes in the building, and it allows students to strengthen their time management skills.”

Lastly, sophomore Hannah Lupinetti is currently working on the On your Own class that deals with finances and planning for the future. Her favorite part is that she is able to work at her own pace and says that if given the chance, she would take an online class again for Psych.Ed. stating, “ I would rate online classes a nine out of ten because you get to work by yourself without a time limit; however, the testing format could use some fixing.”

Personalized learning is coming to the newer generations of students and the impact is something that could greatly improve the ways and means by which students learn, and many students at IHS are excited to be a part of this innovative movement.


[Photo by Kimberly Samuel]

Photo Caption: Sophomore Hannah Lupinetti works diligently in the Ideal lab on her Computer Applications class.

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