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By THE HIGH ARROW– On September 1, the Indiana Area School District welcomed new superintendent, Michael Vuckovich, replacing former superintendent Dale Kirsch. Vuckovich left the Greater Johnstown School District after serving in multiple positions over a span of sixteen years.

Vuckovich earned his Bachelor’s of Science and Education degree at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, his Master’s of Education at the University of Akron, and his superintendent’s letter of eligibility from Pennsylvania State University. Currently, he is working on his dissertation after some time off with his family.

“My two major goals are to increase the amount of communication between my office and the district, and to increase the amount of safety precautions within the district,” stated Vuckovich. “I want to create a system of good friendships within the district, and to get to know the community and their needs.”

With these short term goals in mind, Vuckovich also revealed his long term objectives for the district. “We have to have a vision for this district for the years to come. I want to address what we will look like in the next ten to fifteen years. We have some beautiful buildings in the district, but want to make sure that they are up to par for years to come.”

One major priority expressed by Vuckovich is career and college readiness in high school. Vuckovich is working on a program that will provide high school students the opportunity to earn college credits for certain classes they take at IHS. “I am really going to take college in high school as a serious offer for our students,” noted Vuckovich. “I want to increase the number of course options by two or three times in the next two or three years. I think it is a viable option for kids, and I want to be able to invest in them and give them that option.”

“I think that our students are more than just a test score,” asserted Vuckovich. “I think that we can give them more than just a Keystone exam or PSSA to gauge their proficiency. There are multiple pathways to proficiency. I also think we need to address how we cyber educate our students. One of the most difficult laws out there is the Cyber Education Law, I think that it is a broken law and that we can do more. Every student deserves a personal pathway to earn their diploma.”

In regard to his message for the district, Vuckovich stated, “I am honored to serve as the superintendent of this community. Moving forward, I want to be able to address anyone’s concerns, they should just feel free to reach out to me. This is a wonderful school district, and there are many great things going on in this community.”

[Photo courtesy of the Indiana Area School District]

New Superintendent Michael Vuckovich addresses his goals at a recent staff meeting.

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