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By JORIE MEIL – The clubs program is a valued part of IHS. Every year students rush to sign up for the clubs they want to participate in. New clubs are added to the ever growing roster. These new clubs give students a unique opportunity to hang out with existing friends, make new ones, and expand their horizons.

Many new clubs have been added to the list this year. This year’s new clubs include, Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin Club, Educators Rising, Mixed Musical Arts, Minute to Win It, Homesteading/ Homegrown/ Homemade Club, Love is Love, and Cartoon Club.

All of the new clubs at IHS are here to give students a fun and educational experience. The Minute to Win It Club will let students play fun and challenging games. The Educators Rising Club  provides students with the skills they need to go on to a career in education. The Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin Club allows students to have a place to jam on their acoustic instruments. Homesteading gives students a chance to learn about different lifestyles. The Cartoon Club lets students watch their favorite cartoons from their childhood.

Another new club this year is the Mixed Musical Arts Club proposed by junior Jacob Christian. This club is a place for participating students to play their instruments of choice, and share their talents with others. “The mixed musical arts club is a low stress, anything goes, live music playing experience. It’s general premise is that if you play any musical instrument, you can show up, and play it with others”, says  Christian. Christian, along with Mr. Farina, are excited to give the students this experience. Many students were eager to join this club. Sophomore Owen Morris says, “This club sounded like a lot of fun.”

Another club that is new to the halls of IHS is the Love is Love club. This club is a place for the LGBTQ+ community to discuss their stories, and many other topics that affect the community. The Love is Love club was proposed by junior Frankie Baumer and will be advised by Mrs. Smith. Baumer states, “I decided to start the Love is Love Club here at IHS because I feel a lack of representation for LGBTQ+ students. Being LGBTQ+ as a teenager can be very difficult and I couldn’t find a place here that had people who could help kids with coming out or figuring out what they identify as #loveislove.” This club will provide a safe space for students to be who they want to be without any pressure.

Each new club brought to IHS will let students show their skills and creativity. Once again, the clubs program will add on another successful year.


[Photo by Jorie Meil]

Photo Caption: Junior Jacob Christian is excited for the beginning of Mixed Musical Arts club.

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