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By DYLAN LATORE-  A collective groan can be heard from girlfriends worldwide; No-Shave November has arrived.

With November comes Movember, or no-shave-November. This is an awareness movement that focuses on men’s health. Specifically, preventable health. Men all over the world are dying too early, for a multitude of reasons ranging from prostate cancer to suicide, and the Movemeber movement’s job is to grow awareness by embracing men’s ability to sprout hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.

The Movember Foundation was formed in 2004, and ever since, has exploded in popularity. For a long time, this ‘no-shave’ month went on without much purpose or online presence. It was just a fun thing for college kids to do. But for the Hill family in 2007, the fad became much more significant. When the eight siblings lost their father to cancer, they decided to test out the facial hair fad as a way to grow awareness. This led to the family launching No-Shave November, and ever since it has taken off.

Many students at IHS are preparing to unleash a hairy wrath from their chins as well. Senior Rocco Fanella said, “I’ve never really let it grow longer than a month before, so I’m excited”. It’s a fun way to show your support for a good cause. Sophomore Harley Kessler stated, “I think it’s a fun way to raise awareness for cancer while also promoting people to embrace their body’s natural hair.”

While technically, there is a difference between Movember and No-Shave November, men can still grow awareness by participating in either (or both).

Senior Noah Gibson feels that “It gives guys a chance to grow their beards out and have fun with it, while also supporting a cause.”

So, let the facial hair unleash all over IHS in support of Movember. Also be sure to donate to the cause to keep the movement alive and going. You can leave donations for the cause at and


[Photo by Dylan Latore]

(Photo Caption: Seniors Noah Gibson and Noah Finegan showing off their Movember facial hair)

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