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By EMMA NORMAN – Each year, the Student Government Association (SGA) attempts to host Morp, but in the years previous it has ended up being canceled due to the lack of tickets bought. This year, however, Morp had an overwhelming turnout. With help from the dedicated SGA officers, over 100 students attended the dance on Wednesday, November 8.

In years past, Morp had struggled to sell tickets. This year SGA was confident in their ability to persuade the students of IHS to participate. SGA president Mia Spadafora was dedicated to making sure Morp was a success. “I’m excited to bring back Morp because when I was a freshman, it was the best dance,” says Spadafora.

SGA made sure Morp happened this year by making announcements during all lunches and extending the amount of time given to buy tickets. Students were swarming in, ready to buy their tickets.

With the theme Neon Lights, a lot of students found the dance enjoyable. Sophomore Gema Nievas says, “My favorite part was the theme. We didn’t have to dress up, which was good.”

One of the new additions to IHS school dances is the outdoor seating. A lot of students seem to enjoy the ability to sit outside. Sophomore Sarah Denver says, “I love the new addition because if I get hot or just want a break, I can go outside.”

Arguably the best part of any school dance are the proposals. Students enjoy the chance to get creative and ask their partner or even a friend. Sophomore Sylvia Galeno says, “All the proposals were great but I liked Liz Evanick’s proposal the most.”

SGA is hopeful that more and more people attend the dance in the upcoming years. Gema Nievas states, “I would recommend the dance to others. It was fun and a good time.”


[Photo by Justin Reese]

Photo Caption: AJ Ryan and Allie Rutledge enjoy each other’s company at the Morp dance.

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