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MORP brings festivities to IHS


After canceling in previous years, the MORP school dance was brought back to IHS on Friday, March 3. The dance was hosted by IHS Student Government and the money raised from the ticket sales was donated to help lower the expense of prom tickets for students who are attending in May.  

MORP was held for the first time in three years since COVID-19 struck. The dance occurred in the gym at the high school. MORP has a different theme every year, this year’s theme was neon. There’s no need for any formal clothing attire, so students wore their best and brightest neon clothes. 

MORP is known as backwards prom. Traditionally, the boys will ask the girls to prom, but this dance is the opposite. Girls usually propose to the boys with a sign, as the boys would do for prom. Unlike prom however, students in grades 9 through 12 are all permitted to attend the dance. 

Due to the hardships of COVID-19, canceling many school related activities in past years had become all too regular. Due to this, the popularity of MORP had decreased. The Student Government is striving to re-establish the excitement of MORP.

Sophomore student Xav Ferguson expresses his enthusiasm for the dance, “I’m just excited to dress up in neon and dance with my friends.”

The SGA planning committee spent many hours diligently working to organize the dance. Kole Hodak, sophomore treasurer of SGA and head of planning explains the process behind MORP, “We ordered decorations and set an idea of how we wanted to decorate the upper commons. We then began ticket sales starting Tuesday, February 21.” 

Along with planning the dance, SGA had posted signs throughout the school promoting MORP. Announcements were also sent out on the SGA Instagram page with more information about the dance so that students knew all of the information they needed to. 

Ticket sales were sold  throughout the week during lunch periods, as well as 10th period in the school store. 

MORP being brought back to IHS sparks excitement in the school air. Secretary of SGA, sophomore Fatima Sissoko expressed that she was, “excited to see all the signs that the girls are making for the boys.”

[Photo courtesy of Fatima Sissoko] “Sophomore Fatima Sissoko, secretary of SGA proposing to junior, Chris Segar.”

Elia Dietz


Elia is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is a part of the IHS lacrosse team. She is excited to be in journalism and hopes to have a great first year.

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