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me to we by Doug Steve

By FIONA MURPHY – Just a year ago, IHS juniors Emma Kenley and Emily Harris never would have dreamt that they would be watching Buzz Aldrin and Paula Abdul speak back-to-back in Radio City Music Hall.

By joining the ME to WE club, they were able to not only have the opportunity to watch a series of inspirational speakers, but to be involved in a truly global, revolutionary event.

On April 5, 2017, these two members of the IHS ME to WE Club ventured to New York City with Mrs. Julie Steve to attend the “We Day New York Welcome” on April 6 at the Radio City Music Hall in the heart of the city. Both girls were entertained and deeply moved by the speakers and unifying activities at the all-day event.

The ME to WE Club at IHS is only one sector of a worldwide movement of “an innovative social enterprise that provides products that make an impact, empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices.”

By focusing on giving back to the global community, the ME to WE club incites change and leadership in its members.

Both stated that Mrs. Steve truly inspired them to participate in the event because, as Kenley stated, “She described the Chicago conference as life-changing.”

2017 was the first year ME to We held WE Day in New York City, and needless to say, the conference was a huge success.

Harris said, “The most memorable part was the man with no legs who told his story of climbing mountains; it inspired me to take more action.”

According to Emma, the most memorable part for her was “listening to Martin Luther King III talk about how passionate he is about his father’s work. He wanted to carry on his legacy of kindness, reduce poverty, and make it a goal to fully eliminate racism.”

Not only did Emma and Emily participate in the all-day event, but stayed in an international youth hostel that they described as very commutative. At the hostel, they were able to meet and connect with a variety of other students and members from different countries- namely France.

Aside from Paula Abdul, Buzz Aldrin, and Martin Luther King III , other notable individuals spoke- including model Winnie Harlow, singer Daya, and Talib Kweli.
The trip profoundly inspired the IHS ME to WE students to make changes in their local and global communities.

[Photo by Doug Steve]

Photo caption: ME to WE club adviser Mrs. Julie Steve, along with her son and club members, juniors Emily Harris and Emma Kenley, visited New York City to hear various speakers for WE Day.


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