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By DYLAN LATORE– It’s that time of the year again. Where Cupid shows his tiny, ugly face. Once again I have been appointed to deliver this year’s love-filled Valentine’s article. You may be wondering: how could he even begin to top last years article? And the answer to that is fairly simple–I probably won’t.

My immaculate advice from last year (which can be found somewhere on this site) showed readers how to pop the big question on Valentine’s Day. But what I omitted from last year is the question of ‘What’s next?” You practiced in the mirror, you sprayed down your cardboard heart with glitter glue, and you beat down your anxiety like it owed you money; and your romantic interest said YES. But what comes next? …A date, of course!

Indiana, PA is so full of possible dates that you could never complete them all in one lifetime. It was actually rated 2nd in the world for best dating towns. Stocked with 1 whole bowling alley, 2 ½ ice cream places, and 24 car dealerships, Indiana brings a new high to the term “Points of Interest.”

Of course, if you have lived in this town for over half a year, you will know that this is a lie. If you go on dates in this town, then you know you can blow through date ideas like a pack of gum. You can really only go mini-golfing so many times on the same course before you go insane. And the bowling alley is way more busy on a daily basis than it has any business being.

This is why, if possible, I recommend going out of town for more variety and better quality in date ideas. Going out of town does not have to mean Pittsburgh either. There are many things to do no more than 30 minutes outside of town that not a lot of townies go out and do. Delmont, for example, has one of the nicer theaters in the area with many good restaurants across the street and down the road. Believe it or not, you may actually get phone service within those theaters as well, which is an unfamiliar experience to Indiana movie-goers.

When asked about date ideas outside Indiana, senior Mason Maschak said, “The best date spot is down this dirt road in Creekside, if you turn around a corner, there’s a huge tree on the left, with a huge field of glory on the other side. On a clear night, it’s the best spot around for stargazing. You can see everything.”

If leaving Indiana is not a possibility, there are actually a few good places you could go with your Valentine here in town. One of the perks of living in a college town is how many different restaurant choices there are within a 5-mile radius. This would allow you to choose between just how formal of a date you would want to go on. Whether that be a more dressed up date at a place like Benjamin’s, or a casual Valentine’s dinner at the Coney.

Senior Will Luetkehans said Cafe Amadeus, “is the perfect blend of artsy and classy. It has a wide variety of activities and conversation starters, and even a great atmosphere for a 1st or 100th date.”

Indiana can at least be given credit for its abundant food choices. At the end of the day, talking to your ‘date-to-be’ and discussing where to go is the best way to avoid the stress of picking a place.

Staying at home is even an option. Sophomore Harley Kessler said a great date idea is simply, “ordering a pizza or Chinese food and watching movies at home.” It is simple and much cheaper as well. The possibilities are much more plentiful than it seems at first glance. Just for the love of God go anywhere but the mall.

Valentines Article

[Photo by Dylan Latore]

Photo Caption: Senior Will Luetkehans showing off his Valentine’s day spirit.


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