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Leadership students addresses seasonal depression issues


For the month of November, IHS Leadership Seminar is focusing on uplifting students dealing with depression or other mental health issues. During academic advising, students made their own personalized hand turkey, writing what they’re grateful for on it. 

Leadership provided paper and other crafting materials to academic advising teachers to hand out to their students. Students traced their hand on a piece of paper then cut and designed it however they wanted. On the hand turkey, students wrote what they are most grateful for this month.

Hand turkeys are hung up outside of 10th period classrooms to be displayed in the hall. 

Spanish teacher Mr. Henninger expresses, “I feel like you get your standard answers and you think, oh yeah, I didn’t even realize that I was thankful for that.”

As the fall and winter seasons begin, the rate of students dealing with anxiety or depression heightens. Student’s mental well being often goes undetected by teachers and parents.

Depression and other mental illnesses in young adults can cause symptoms such as a loss of motivation. 

This factor can cause students’ grades to plummet. Freshman Sara Fisher states, “Since it’s starting to get cold, it’s harder to keep my attitude up, but with teachers’ support and help I’m able to get my work done efficiently.” 

Throughout the colder months, students often forget about the positive aspects of their daily lives. The hand turkeys help remind students of what to be grateful for. Leadership president Abbie Huey, explains, “This helps students here at IHS because it reminds them of what they have in life, and taking to be grateful for what they have.”

High school can be a challenging four years to navigate alone. Leadership works toward creating a safe and welcoming environment for students struggling to adapt at the high school.

Leadership Seminar is run by senior students with the assistance of English teacher, Ms. Duffy, and hosts important events and fundraisers like IHS Mini-THON.

[Photo by Elia Dietz] Photo caption: “Hand turkeys outside of Ms. Hoffman’s classroom.”

Elia Dietz


Elia is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is a part of the IHS lacrosse team. She is excited to be in journalism and hopes to have a great first year.

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