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Key Club works toward making a difference


Key Club is always playing a part in the community and helping in any way it can. They participate in acts of community service for people who need it most and give to others in so many different ways. They work together to make our school and community a better place for everyone. 

Recently, IHS Key Club helped Grace United Methodist Church with events where they bagged beans and rice for people in need. There were 15 student volunteers that helped.

“Key Club is a great way to understand how to better your town while also finding ways to better yourself,” senior Madison Ruddek commented.

The club hosts food and clothing drives along with fundraisers that directly affect the local area or students. They let students in need pick up clothes for the colder months such as coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. 

They also plan on doing a thrifting opportunity where the students of IHS bring in clothes and all of the funds go to the club or charities. All of the donations should be brought to Mr. Farina in room 126. Key Club members and non-members are encouraged to donate. Students can earn one hour per bag of donations. They will accept shirts, pants, sweatshirts, coats, shoes, and gloves.

Key Club organizes events such as the Battle of the Faculties and Spirit Day.  It’s great that people in the community know that they can reach out to the club if they need help or to organize an event.  The best part of the club is helping the town and fellow students. 

Senior Abbie Huey states, “In Key Club, we work together to help make a difference within the community.”

Key Club is a great way to help others in the school environment and the community.

When the club raises money, it goes to all of these fun events that they host throughout the year or they go to charities.  Key Club continues to be a positive force in both the school and the community. 

[Photo courtesy of IHS Key Club] “Seniors Emmy Davis and Abbie Huey paint signs to promote the latest Key Club activity.”

Addison McAfee


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