IT’S A WRAP: IHS Drama presents Pippin the Musical


While many of us were enduring a harsh winter,  IHS Drama spent the winter month working hard to produce the Musical “Pippin” which  hit the stage March 17-19, 2022 featuring lead roles played by Alexa Cikowski and Sean Kelly and directed by IHS’ own Mrs. Leah Lyons.

Pippin is well renowned as a dance-intensive musical performance. Freshman Mashayla Dlugos, who was a dancer in the musical stated, “I prepared for the musical by attending as many practices as I can and since I’m a dancer I practiced the dances and stretched a lot. What helped me succeed during the musical was the amazing cast I was a part of.  They always helped me out and always gave me inspiration during the whole production. The biggest challenge throughout the musical was trying to keep positive whenever I was really struggling with a lot of stress and pressure.”

“I prepared for the musical by practicing and getting mentally ready. My peers and everyone that was there helped me succeed. I think that my biggest challenge was when everyone was getting sick.” said Freshman Zoey Velesig, who was also a dancer.



The dancers did a very good job rehearsing and making the show enjoyable for everyone to watch. Not all of the musicals or plays that the school produces have dancers in them. But Pippin was a chance for the dancers at IHS to show their talent.

The cast worked very hard to keep focused. They did not have one show where everyone was there. They had to work together to make everything work.   During the live productions many cast members were getting sick but they persevered. Many swords broke on stage, but they played it off and families enjoyed that. It was hard to tell that they had any problems at all. Despite such potential mishaps or disasters, students, families, teachers, and community members enjoyed watching the show, ultimately making Pippin yet another successful IHS Musical production.

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