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By JUSTIN REESE – Formed this year under the leadership of senior India Krug, the Indiana Women’s Youth Writing group has been meeting each month to discuss popular works of female authors and the female experience through the use of words and writing.

The group of women meet monthly to participate in numerous activities to not only advance their skills as writers, but to also recognize and study great feminist writers of the past and present.

Krug, the organization’s founder, stated that the organization’s goal is to “Help girls find the self-confidence to speak out and take up space by articulating their experience.”

Some of the activities the group participates in include self-affirmation, group discussions, quick writing activities, bonding exercises, and writing prompts. The group offers a variety of exercises targeted towards different types of writers and women, all intended as a fun and safe space for practice.

Senior Lexi Smathers added, “Being surrounded by girls who are supporting each other is a really great environment to work on my writing to just have fun with it.”

For their December meeting, the group explored feminist writers including bell hooks, Betty Friedan, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, and other influential and historic female writers. By recognizing these authors, the group hopes to boost their confidence not only in the composition but in sharing their writing.

The prompt the December meeting presented was titled “Hindsight” and asked the group to create a narrative of their life since the beginning of high school. The group was asked to evaluate and explain how they have changed and what they have learned in their response. They are currently working on this prompt and will share their work during their next meeting. “The prompt has allowed for me to recount my high school experience and grasp how much I have developed,” said senior Amelia Kuzneski.

While the group is a fresh organization, the members are already benefiting. Smathers stated, “We haven’t had many meetings but so far I’ve learned too much about being honest in my writing and being confident in what I’m sharing.”

The future of the women’s writing group is bright, and the members agree. Kuzneski adds, “I’m looking forward to what the future of this organization brings. I’ve already grown so much as a writer from our few meetings and have also grown close with my peers.”

[Photo by India Krug]

Photo Caption: “Women’s Writing group members Adriana Guth-Borowski, Hannah Steele, Lexi Smathers, Jorie Meil, Amelia Kuzneski, and India Krug gather for their December meeting.”

Justin Reese

Justin Reese is a junior and is returning to journalism for his second year of reporting. Justin loves writing articles that will inform and entertain his peers.