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By DEBRA FLINT– On January 29 the freshman of Indiana high school took a trip to the Indiana County Technology Center, or ICTC, for short. At this event, students were able to tour the different programs ICTC offers.

Each year, the event takes on a theme. Through a video produced by Digital Media students with the theme of Everyday Heroes, students were introduced to ICTC and their programs. The video highlighted the importance of skilled labor in the workforce. Freshman Connor Wissinger stated, “I really enjoyed the video because it was really well made, specially made by students.”

When the ninth graders arrived, they sat at different tables according to their bus numbers. Each group would go to a different room for about 15 minutes before switching to another room. After learning about the program, the group got the opportunity to get a hands-on experience. Freshman Rebecca Fries also commented, “In masonry, we could practice bricklaying and in digital media, we could have fun with photoshop and taking pictures.”

ICTC invited over 800 freshmen from Marion Center, Penns Manor, Homer-Center, Purchase Line, Blairsville, Saltsburg, United, and Indiana. All of the students experienced a personal tour of the programs, interactive activities, and a lunch-time activity based on the game Cash Cab.

The ICTC program is dedicated to providing students with technical and academic programs. They offer automotive technologies, construction trades, and manufacturing careers as well as public services like cosmetology and culinary arts. Wissinger also said, “I like that there is an option to do something you enjoy rather than being stuck with something you don’t like.”

Fries agreed with Wissinger stating, “It also allows people to think about what they can do in the future.” Disagreeing with Wissinger and Fries, freshman Audra Moore said, “Some presentations were interesting, but sitting and listening to people drone on about a subject you aren’t interested in on a trip you didn’t want to go on wasn’t exactly an ideal day for a lot of people.”

If students are interested in hands-on careers, ICTC has a place for students. Participating in this program requires a lot of time and dedication. The freshman of IHS have gotten a taste of what it requires, as well as a better understanding of the program.

ICTC Showcase 1

[Photo by Dustin Miller]

Photo Caption: “Freshman Declan Kubala receives an airbrush tattoo by ICTC students.”


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