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IHS Wrestling is back in season


 IHS Wrestling is back. The team is led this year by captains Michael Dolan and Alvin Liu. They’re undefeated so far this season and in line to make the playoffs. 

IHS Wrestling is notorious for being one of the best teams in the school. Four team members made WPIALS last year. As with all IHS sports, the goal is always to send the most people as possible to WPIALS so that yet another team can come home with a trophy to represent IHS.

This year, senior and captain Michael Dolan is confident that the team will accomplish a lot. “As a team, our goal is definitely to stay undefeated in the section and make playoffs. I think our team’s progress is very good so far.”

Wrestling is a sport that has a lot to do with discipline. Oftentimes, sports manage to teach students things that they can apply outside of the game, meet, or match. Students can learn discipline, hard work, how to be a part of a team, and how to be a leader. Wrestling is an example of one of these sports.

Sophomore Carter Putt comments on what wrestling has taught him, “Wrestling has taught me how to push myself to places I didn’t know I could go. It has taught me how to be a stand-up guy who respects his opponents even in defeat.”

Not only does the team as a whole have big goals for the season, but wrestlers also have individual goals for themselves. Setting goals is a big part of success in sports. If a player knows where they want to be by the end of the season, they’re more likely to push themselves to get there. Freshman Dominic Fanella shares his personal goals for the season stating,  “My goals are to have 15 wins by the end of the season.”

Students can find the Wrestling team’s schedule on the IASD athletics website if they wish to come and support the team. The IHS wrestlers are working hard to keep their undefeated record intact. The hard work is paying off – a successful end to the season is in sight.

[Photo by Bella Walker] “Sophomore Nico Fanella takes on his opponent.”

Gabrielle Isenberg​


Gabi is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys reading and swimming for the YMCA and IHS. Gabi hopes to report accurate and current information to the community.

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