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IHS welcomes new exchange students for the 2022-2023 school year


IHS once again welcomes exchange students from various parts of the world. At IHS this year are Sona Greqova from Slovakia, Giuseppe Radosta, Dauide Bucciarelli, Alice Silvestri from Italy, and Julio Minquez Saoner coming from Spain. They have joined us here at IHS with their host families with aspirations of getting a first-hand experience of an American public school.

Each year, IHS is host to new exchange students from all over the world. As we welcome them, it is important to take the time to learn about these students and understand the differences between our school and their previous school. It is also imperative that we help their transition be a memorable and pleasant experience.

Senior Sona Greqova commented, “I prefer American schools because teachers here care more about students than teachers in Slovakia, so I feel more comfortable here in America.” 

Oftentimes, American students take for granted the opportunities presented to them in schools. A big thing is the support and kindness that the staff and teachers give to students. Hearing from new perspectives, such as exchange students, can really open the eyes of American students.

Another aspect of the school system possibly taken for granted is the flexibility and time granted to each student. Although no one will deny we all have our fair share of schoolwork, the teachers here at IHS allow us a generous amount of time to get work done throughout the school day. This allows students to spend more time outside of school doing things they enjoy.

Senior Dauide Bucciarelli added, “There is more free time outside of school; we don’t have to go and study or do a ton of homework, and I can spend time with friends.”

Life in an American school can be quite a shocking difference from schools around the world. Not only can time management differ, but school activities and extracurriculars as well. Bucciarelli also commented, “In Italy, we actually have to go out of school to play sports. Here, you can play with your school team.”

Being a part of the school sports team can be a very connected experience. It is very different from playing outside of school, but here, student-athletes are able to represent and support their school. 

Overall, these students are very excited for this school year at IHS and their first year in an American public high school.  It’s important to welcome them all with open minds and helping hands.

[Photo by Sky Stevens] “Five senior exchange students hang out near the cafeteria stairs with Davide on the far left, Alice next to him, Sona in the middle, and Giuseppe and Julio on the right.”

Sky Stevens


Sky is a senior and first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is involved with the IHS Orchestra and has a passion for literature and arts, including journalistic and creative writing. She spends the majority of her time reading classic literature and practicing her writing skills.

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