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By EMMA NORMAN – Bonjour! Hola! Hello! IHS welcomes new exchange students from around the world. IHS annually hosts students from different countries all over the world– this year hosting three seniors and one junior. They will stay for the entirety of the school year and be provided many opportunities to grow and learn in a new environment.

Marie Tournant, who is French, is enrolled as a senior here at IHS. Tournant is excited about being in America and has a lot to say. Tournant noticed some differences between her school back home and her new school here in America. “I like that I can choose my subjects. We don’t do that in France.”

She also noticed a difference in the dress code. “In France, you don’t wear shorts, skirts, dresses, sandals, or tank tops.” She is enjoying her classes here and is eager to learn. When asked about her favorite class, she said, “I like algebra, Mr. Cochran is really nice and fun.”

Luka Labalo comes from Serbia and his older sibling, Sara, was a previous participant of the exchange program. He was eager to share his thoughts and feelings about his new home.

Labalo commented, “The education here is different. IHS has a variety of sports for the students to play. Driving is different too. You can drive when you are 16.” Labalo joined the football team at IHS and had good things to say. “My favorite part about IHS is the brotherhood in football.”

Thiago Soares, from Brazil, misses his home but is excited about being here in America. He is a part of the IHS soccer team and has made lots of new friends through the sport.

He observed differences between his school back home and IHS: “Here in America you don’t have to pay for your school. You don’t have to wear uniforms every day.”

Soares’s favorite class is Biology. “I like Biology because Mrs. Edmonds is really funny and teaches very well.”

Iago Jopia, who is Spanish, runs cross-country for IHS and enjoys being with the team. “I definitely like my teammates. They are very nice.” Jopia’s favorite class is Public Speaking. “I really like Public Speaking because it provides students with a useful skill. I like Mr. Nath, he’s funny. He knows how to capture your attention. He explains the class well.”  

About IHS he stated, “Most of the student life is revolved around the high school. Even outside of school people are here a lot. In Spain, our schools don’t have sports we just have PE. IHS has a lot of sports.”

The IHS community is excited about hosting this school year’s exchange students. Students and teachers are eager to have them here and hope that they continue to learn and grow from these new opportunities.


[Photo by Emma Norman]

Photo Caption: “Exchange students Luka Labalo, Marie Tournant, Thiago Soares, and Iago Jopia are excited about being here at IHS.”


Emma Norman

Emma is a junior and a second year reporter for the High Arrow. She believes it is important to provide the school with trustworthy news because journalism’s impact is greater than pieces of newsprint.