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Senior Salute

By JENNIFER BRICE – Friday, October 20th marked the last home varsity football game of the season for IHS.  By tradition, this game was dedicated to recognizing the seniors involved.  Upperclassmen who participate in cheerleading, the band, and the football team were acknowledged for their investment into representing the school through extracurricular activity.

The football team ended their season with a 1-8 record, after the official last game away on the 27th of October.  Despite the long season, the team maintained a close bond and will miss the fourteen seniors leaving.  Senior Alex Donahue says that although he appreciated, “constantly getting better and working hard every day,” his favorite memories included team bonding through events like steak night for “building a brother-like relationship to perform better as a team.”  

Morgan Bernard, a senior and manager for the football team, was also recognized for her contributions to the group.

The cheerleaders and members of the band are crucial to the environment of the Friday night football games for the enthusiastic support they generate.  Like the football team, these groups have grown close over their season together.  

Senior cheerleader Qi’re Saunders was new to the team this year but notes that already, “a lot more people know my name,” given that there is “a good team bond.”  Clearly, being part of such dedicated teams is meaningful to the students’ high school experience.

The marching band’s seniors led the group to a performance set to the theme of “Rocky.”  Senior trumpet player Matthew Conjelko shared that “the fact that we got to end in this show, in particular, is meaningful because it was a really well-composed show this year.” 

The hard work and appreciation of the band is a common theme throughout all of these groups, all who made the most of their last night on the home turf.

Together, the football team, cheerleaders, and band put in hard work to contribute to the school and community of Indiana on Friday nights.  For many seniors, this was the final chance to represent their school and hometown.  Senior Salute is a meaningful tradition to reciprocate support for their hard work displayed throughout their high school careers.


[Photo provided by Danny Millen]

Photo Caption: A group of senior football players gathered together after their final home game.

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